E4 Doctoral Training Partnership

How to Apply

Applications for a September 2024 entry are now open. Deadline for applications is 4 January 2024.

E4 DTP Projects

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We have 90+ supervisor-led projects advertised each year and also offer a student-led project route.

Entry and Eligibility Criteria

Please carefully read this section to find out about our entry and eligibility criteria.


Our studentships cover stipend, fees and research costs for all the students we appoint.

Application Process

Please follow our application procedure to apply for an E4 DTP studentship. The deadline for applications for entry in September 2024 is 4 January 2024, 12 noon.

Selection Process

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Find out about the E4 selection process, its recruitment timing and past applications numbers.

Applicants Support

Read through our applicants support pages to help you prepare your application.