School of Divinity

Undergraduate visiting students

We welcome undergraduate students from around the world on study abroad programmes. Study with us for a semester or a year.

The School of Divinity is fortunate to be right in the centre of a beautiful ancient and historical city. Located at the heart of the Old Town, the School is housed in New College, a dramatic neo-gothic building boasting some of the most breathtaking views over Edinburgh. Our students benefit from a self-contained college setting just five minutes away from the main campus, with its own library as well as access to all university facilities.

Students and staff come to our School from across the world. Small and friendly, we encompass a range of religions and cultures, which contribute to a close but diverse and exciting learning community.


Visiting students may enrol on a wide range of courses in Theology and Ethics, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity. Students taking courses mainly in other schools within the University may also enrol on courses in our School, such as Atheism in Debate, God in Philosophy, Lived Religions, Religion Violence and Peace-building, and The Bible in Literature. Visiting students based in our School may also take courses in other schools.

The Visiting Student Course Finder lists the courses available to visiting students.

Course enrolments are dependent upon your eligibility, space on the course and on timetabling.  Please note that course availability may be subject to change.


As a visiting student you will be enrolled in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Study Abroad/Exchange Programme. The programme is administered by the College's Visiting Student Office, where staff will be very happy to help you in person, by phone or by email with any administrative or practical matter.

Every visiting student is assigned a Personal Tutor with expertise in providing academic and pastoral support to students on study abroad programmes.

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