School of Divinity

Programme description

This programme will enable you to study Christian beliefs, cultures and practices across the globe, in historical and social contexts.

Ethiopian priest

Christianity has 2.2 billion followers and is one of the oldest religions. It plays an important role in influencing social, political and cultural issues. This one-year programme of World Christianity focuses on Christianity in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

World Christianity is taught in an interdisciplinary way. It employs theology, history and social scientifc methods. You will study, research and understand the complexity of Christian communities in the world and their wider significance for culture and society. Specialist expertise includes:

  • Christianity, society and culture
  • Contextual theology
  • Mission history
  • Interreligious encounter

The degree awarded at the end of this programme can be either a Master of Theology (MTh) or a Master of Science (MSc), the difference is only in the name.

The programme is affiliated with the Centre for the Study of World Christianity, which has its own dedicated website.