School of Divinity

History of Religions/New Religions

Applications are welcome from students in the Study of Religion/s, History of Religions, or in Sociology or Cultural History with demonstrable ‘religion’ content, who wish to conduct research within the following areas: new and alternative religion/s, theories of religion, the history of the modern study of religion/s.

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In recent years Dr Sutcliffe has supervised doctoral research in a range of topics in new and alternative forms of religion and spirituality, combining empirical enquiry with theoretical and comparative analysis. Expertise lies primarily in the use of historical, sociological and biographical methods. Research proposals in the following areas and topics are of particular interest:

  • New and alternative religion/s
  • History and ethnography of the categories ‘spirituality’, ‘holistic’, ‘new age’
  • Atheists, humanists and the rejection of religion
  • Discourses on ‘religion’ in civil society and transnational contexts
  • Modern history of the study of religion/s
  • Philosophy of the comparative study of religion/s


Dr Steven Sutcliffe

Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion