School of Divinity

Choose your research programme

You can choose from three research programmes: two Masters programmes and the PhD.

Each takes a different amount of time: the Masters by Research, full-time, takes a year; the MPhil takes two years; a PhD takes at least three. 

The demands of each are different: Masters by Research students usually write research essays and a 15,000 word dissertation; MPhil students write a thesis of up to 60,000 words; PhD students write a thesis of up to 100,000 words.

For Masters by Research your pattern of study can either be three supervised research essays (two at 4,000 words and one at 7,000 words), followed by a 15,000 word dissertation, or two supervised research essays (7,500 words each), written in the style of an article for an academic journal, followed by a 15,000 word dissertation. All students receive research training.

In this study area, Masters by Research can be taken either as a ‘Master of Theology’ (MTh) or as a ‘Master of Science’ (MSc) – the difference is only in the name.

More information: Types of programme.