School of Divinity

Research study areas

Choose your focus from the wide range of options we offer as one of the UK's largest providers of research supervision in Theology and Religion

Religion and Literature

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Engage in interdisciplinary study of the interaction between religion and literature, across a range of religious traditions, sacred texts and literary genres

Ethics & Practical Theology

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Explore theoretical and practical approaches to topics such as politics, peacebuilding, ethics and materiality.

Hebrew & Old Testament Studies

Investigate the Hebrew Bible and its context: poetry and prophecy, theology and ethics, the Dead Sea Scrolls.

History of Christianity

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Engage deeply with the Christian past - whether your interests lie in centuries long ago, or the near present.

Islamic Studies & Christian-Muslim Relations

Students in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Pursue interdisciplinary study of Islamic thought and practice, and of encounters between Christianity and Islam.

New Testament & Christian Origins

Research early Christianity: its religious and historical setting, textual and literary criticism, the history of interpretation.

Religious Studies/Study of Religions

Specialise in contemporary, historical or thematic research, in areas such as Asian Studies, History of Religions/New Religions, and Jewish Studies.

Science & Religion

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Bring together the two great truth-seeking disciplines and explore how they challenge and inform each other

Systematic Theology

Undertake a critical and creative engagement with Christian thought, in a context of intellectual diversity

World Christianity

Centre for the Study of World Christianity
Focus on Christianity in and from all parts of the majority world, and on African and Asian churches in the northern hemisphere.