School of Divinity

Tier 4 Visas

As a Tier 4 student, the University of Edinburgh is the sponsor of your UK visa. The University has a number of legal responsibilities to manage the sponsorship of your visa.

Our responsibility

We are required to:

  • monitor and maintain a record of your attendance on your programme
  • report to UK Visas and Immigration where you suspend, transfer or withdraw from your studies, complete them early, fail to register or are repeatedly absent to the point of being excluded from studies

Your responsibility

You are required to:

  • Ensure you have a correct and valid visa for studying at the University of Edinburgh, which, if a Tier 4 visa, requires that it is a visa sponsored by the University of Edinburgh
  • Attend and engage with all of your University classes, lectures, tutorials, etc. where required.
  • Participate in the requirements of your course including submitting assignments, attending meetings with tutors and attending examinations.
  • Ensure your contact details, including your address and contact number are up to date on your student record.
  • Make satisfactory progress on your chosen programme.
  • Inform Student Support, and your Personal Tutor if you are unable to attend for any reason.
  • Observe the general conditions of a Tier 4 General Student Visa in the UK, including studying on the programme for which your visa was issued, not overstaying the validity of your visa and complying with the work restrictions of the visa.

Further details on the terms and conditions of your Tier 4 visa can be found on the Student Immigration Service website.

Further Information at

Student Immigration Service 

Students with queries regarding their Tier 4 Visa should contact the Student Immigration Service based at the Student Information Point in Old College. It is a legal requirement that only authorised staff should advise on individual cases. School staff cannot offer this advice.

Tel: 0131 651 5190


Web: Student Immigration Service