School of Divinity

Personal tutor

Every undergraduate student is assigned to a Personal Tutor, a member of the School’s academic staff who will support you academically throughout your time at University.

The name of your personal tutor, and their email address, can be found on MyEd

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • Help you to review your academic progress and performance regularly;
  • Help you to think about your learning, how it contributes to your future development, prepares you for your time at university and your career;
  • Help you to become a confident, active member of a community of learners;
  • Help you to deal with any concerns or problems that might affect your studies and refer you to other staff in the School and support services as appropriate.

You will be expected to meet your Personal Tutor at least once per semester.

  • Students in first and second year must have an individual meeting with their Personal Tutor during Welcome Week, at the start of the academic year.
  • Students in third and fourth year must have an individual meeting with their Personal Tutor before the end of week 2 of the first semester of the academic year.

Your Personal Tutor is available for consultation about serious academic or personal issues throughout the year and will provide you with their contact details.

The School has a Senior Tutor who oversees the effectiveness of the personal tutoring system. If you feel that you cannot speak to your Personal Tutor for whatever reason (and sometimes people simply do not get along due to no fault of either side), or hope to change to a Personal Tutor who may better support your voice or experiences, please contact the Divinity Senior Tutor, Dr Sara Parvis (

To find out more about the School's commitment to the personal tutoring system, please read our Personal Tutor Statement.