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Authorised Interruption of Studies

A student experiencing difficulties in their personal circumstances which make them unable to study may apply for an interruption of study.  

An authorised ‘interruption of study,’ is required if a student is going to be absent and unable to work for more than two weeks.

During an interruption, a student pauses their study at the University, usually for a year or a semester in the case of taught students, and restarts at the same point following the period of interruption.

Applying for an Interruption

Students seeking an authorised interruption of studies should contact Student Support, or their Personal Tutor, immediately. This is extremely important as interruptions cannot be granted retrospectively.

Student Support will complete an Authorised Interruption of Study Request form on your behalf and submit it to College. Interruption of study applications are approved by College.

You will be required to provide a personal statement and medical or other professional documentation to support your interruption request.

Funding, fees and visas

You should be aware of the following when applying for an interruption:

  • During an authorised interruption of study you are no longer classed as a full-time student at this university. This may have implications for your student funding and fees. You should contact the Advice Place for guidance.
  • An authorised interruption may have visa implications and affect your right to remain in the UK to study. Students in this situation are strongly advised to seek guidance from the University’s International Office, Edinburgh Global.

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