School of Divinity


Where a student has experienced unexpected short-term circumstances beyond their control which have impacted on their ability to complete an assessment on time, they may apply for a coursework extension.

The extension policy for all courses in the School of Divinity is as follow:

  • The school will consider granting extensions of up to a maximum of seven calendar days
  • Forms must be submitted as soon as the student knows they will require an extension, and no later than 24 hours before the deadline. Forms submitted in the 24 hours before the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be processed.
  • Extensions will not be granted retrospectively, and extension requests will not be accepted once the deadline is passed.
  • For late submissions, beyond the 7 day extensions period, students must inform the Student Support Office of this and submit the work when able to do so. The Student Support Office will then advise them on applying via the special circumstances process for the Board of Examiners to disregard any penalty incurred.
  • If a student has a learning profile adjustment allowing them to request extra time for ‘non-exam assessments’ they may be granted up to a further 7-day extension at the course manager’s discretion.

Good reasons: Guidance for requesting an extension 

Students seeking an extension must first check the ‘good reason’ guidance provided in Taught Assessment Regulation 28. Extension requests submitted without good reason will not be accepted.

Essays in lieu of exams 

It is School policy that no extensions are granted for essays in lieu of exams. If a student experiences extenuating circumstances and is unable to submit the essay for good reason, they should submit a special circumstance case. Normal lateness penalties will be applied.

If a student has a learning profile, with the adjustment allowing them to request extra time for ‘non-exam assessments’, an extension, of up to 7 days, may be granted for essays in lieu of exams at the course manager’s discretion.