School of Divinity

Kate and Grey Colin as a team

Kate and Grey Colin appear to have had different personalities which added to their effectiveness as a team.

A skillful partnership

Compared to Grey Colin's dour and difficult character, Kate was warm and friendly and inspired great affection. There are hints Kate and Colin deliberately cultivated the combination of a gentle and tough approach and skilfully used it to their advantage.

This was a remarkably equal partnership, though the social conventions of the husband as the master and dominant partner were preserved.

When it suited her, Kate was quite prepared to use the excuse of the obedient wife consulting her husband before taking action (GD112/39/11/16). She was equally willing to act on her own initiative and judgement.

During the Chase-about Raid, she wrote directly to her friends without troubling to check with her absent husband when she heard that Grey Colin had been summoned to Edinburgh. She then travelled to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, to rally support.