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Surviving letters between Kate and Grey Colin

Only fragments of two draft letters written by Grey Colin to Kate survive, shedding some light into their partnership.

Business matters and personal touches

These two letters were sent from Ilanran (west end of Loch Tay, near Killin) where Grey Colin was based in the summer of 1570 and directed to Balloch Castle (east end of Loch Tay) where Kate remained in relative safety with her children.

In the midst of the business matters and the practical requests for supplies of malt, wine, candles, paper, wax and the signet stamp to be sent urgently, there were some personal touches.

On 16 August, because there was no immediate danger from the MacGregors, Grey Colin asked Kate to travel up to see him at the west end of Loch Tay. The visit would be short and on this occasion Kate should leave their daughter, little Margaret, at home (GD112/39/9/19).

A month later when it looked like a settlement was imminent, Grey Colin was urging his wife to treat herself and their bairns (see quote below).

'Adverteis me of sic newis as ze haif and tret zour selff and zour barnis for yis cummeris will tak ane end schortlie God willing. Send vp quhat breyd candlis with ony vyer thing ze think gude. And God blis zoe. From Ilanran yis Friday be viij houris.Zouris husband,Collin Campbell of Glenwrquhay[PS] Fill yis flacoun with vyne for we haif na aill but onlie beif bru'
Grey Colin to Kate22 Sept 1570 GD112/39/10/16