School of Divinity

Dealing with business together

The Letters demonstrate how Grey Colin and Kate acted in partnership.

A solid partnership

When Grey Colin was away from their main residence at Balloch Castle, Kate handled all the correspondence, acting on her own judgement in some matters and sending on other letters and news to her husband (e.g. GD112/39/6/22).Even when they were together, Kate managed a great deal of the incoming and outgoing correspondence herself (e.g. GD112/39/4/7).

It is clear that all the matters raised in the letters were shared and discussed by the husband and wife team. Knowing this, their correspondents were sometimes able to save themselves the trouble of writing more than once (GD112/39/10/6).

The letters show in great detail one area in which Kate took the lead. She acted as the chief negotiator for her children's marriages.