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The earls of Argyll

Three earls spanned the period covered by the Breadalbane Letters.

These were:

  • Archibald Campbell, 4th earl, 1498-1558, succeeded 1529
  • Archibald Campbell, 5th earl, 1538-1573, succeeded 1558
  • Colin Campbell, 6th earl, 1542-1584, succeeded 1573

Biographical links

Each of the earls has biographical entry on Oxford Dictionary of National Biography which can be accessed through our Useful Links page. There you will also find links to Oxford biographies of a number of other Clan branches and individuals, as well as a link to the Campbell wills.

For more information on the 5th earl and Mary, Queen of Scots, follow the link below.

For information about Jane Stewart, natural daughter of James V; half-sister of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Countess of Argyll--the 5th earl's 1st wife--married 1554, divorced 1573, died 1588