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Historical background

These letters focus upon Colin Campbell, the sixth laird of Glenorchy who went by the nickname Grey Colin, and his wife Katherine Ruthven. Their main base was in Breadalbane, part of the Gaelic-speaking central Highlands.

Their interests and importance spread into the neighbouring regions of Argyll and Perthshire, extended into the Lowlands and reached up to the royal court.

Kate Ruthven

Wife and partner of Grey Colin, Kate Ruthven was not only a well-respected Highland lady in the Gaelic world, but also a frequent attender at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots and served as her family's chief marriage negotiator, among other things.

Grey Colin

A successful chief and a caring husband and partner, Grey Colin was also known as a keen political operator and supporter of the Protestant Reformation, a ruthless executioner and the centre of a significant communications network.

Clan Campbell

The Clan Campbell and the earls of Argyll were early modern Scotland's most successful kindred group.