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GD112/39/2/12 n. 3 Campbell of Glenlyon's first wife was a daughter of Blair of Balgillo. This has been corrected on the webpages but not on the transcript. [My thanks to Andrew B W MacEwan]

GD112/39/6/20 The letter was dated Tuesday 1 June 1567. In 1567 1 June was Trinity Sunday so the date was probably a mistake for 1 July, a Tuesday. This means it was written after the battle of Carberry, rather than before. [My thanks to Andrew B W MacEwan]

GD112/39/12/1 Lynthinthie - this might be Lethindy in Perthshire rather than Linlithgow, though in 1570 Linlithgow was the location for many of the negotiations of the civil war. [My thanks to Andrew B W MacEwan]


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