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Screencaptures from the maps of Pont, Blaeu, Ortelius and Geddy as found on the National Library of Scotland Maps.


Campbell-related photographs can be found by following the links below.

Carrick Castle

Accessed 12.11.07

Castle Campbell

Accessed 12.11.07


Accessed 13.11.07

Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley

Accessed 13.11.07

Mary Queen of Scots

Accessed 13.11.07

Book of the Dean of Lismore

Accessed 12/11/07

The following photographs were taken by the author:

  • Castle Menzies
  • Carnassarie Castle
  • Cawdor Castle
  • Ruthven Castle
  • James VI from Beza's Icones
  • Highland warriors and swords on graveslabs at Kilmory Knapdale


Illustrations from the 'Black Book of Taymouth' are in the public domain.


The following maps were created by the author.

  • Campbell marriages
  • Glenorchy marriages
  • Campbell expansion
  • Argyll and Perthshire
  • Breadalbane