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The Research Forum is open to everyone who has an interest in the Wode Part-books and/or their musical, literary, artistic, political and religious contexts.


To aid their research members of the Forum will have access to digital images of all eight Part-books.

These images and all the research discussion will take place on a password-protected website.

Individuals and groups within the Forum are encouraged to publish their findings either via conventional channels or on the Wode Psalter project's public website which will remain as part of the project's permanent legacy.

Aspects of 'world of Reformation Britain' present in Wode Part-books:

  • music, vocal and instrumental
  • religious worship and devotion
  • cultural life and patronage networks
  • poetry and diary-writing
  • individual lives and political events
  • books and manuscript culture
  • decorative painting
  • visual depictions of material culture

Research questions and areas

Some first thoughts are that researchers might be interested t:

  • establish inter-relationship of Part-books
  • re-assess musical significance
  • place within religious and devotional context
  • explore literary significance of poetry
  • investigate patronage and links to court culture
  • place illustrations in artistic & material culture contexts
  • analyse annotations & relate to 16c events
  • evaluate translation & linguistic aspects [Hebrew; Scots/English]
  • locate Psalter within printed and oral cultures
  • trace the 'after-life' of manuscripts [provenance & collecting]


Please email us if you are interested in joining the Wode Psalter research forum.

For most of its business the Forum uses online technology but there will also be a brief newsletter in hardcopy.

To obtain a copy please write to us.

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