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Gratitude: Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Over three international workshops funded by the Issachar Fund, leading scholars will examine the concept of gratitude from Christian and Muslim theological and philosophical perspectives.

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Respective workshops will focus on the role of gratitude in the divine-human covenant, interpersonal relationships and the public sphere.

Both Islamic and Christian traditions emphasise the importance of divine gift-giving and gratitude (Ar. shukr) as the appropriate human response. Theological literature, however, has tended to focus on the divine action rather than the human response. As a result, relatively little has been written about the theology of gratitude and its role in the religious life.


The three workshops will explore major themes and approaches in Islamic and Christian theologies and philosophies of gratitude. They will bring together scholarly perspectives from Islamic and Christian traditions and so provide a forum for discussion and mutual learning. They will cover three interdisciplinary areas of research:

Gratitude: Hope or Burden?

Edinburgh, 10-11 December 2018

Examining the role of gratitude in the divine-human covenant; whether gratitude is a virtue; whether there is an obligation to be grateful to God; the role of gratitude in the religious life.

This workshop welcomes papers from postgraduates which explore major themes and approaches in Islamic and Christian theologies of gratitude. See call for papers.

Gratitude: Love, Power and  Indebtedness  

New Haven, 28-30 August 2019

Gratitude a virtue and a tool, gratitude in society, education, economics, human relationships and more.

See the programme

Gratitude: Inclusion or Privilege?

Dubai, January 2020

Examining the role of gratitude in the public sphere; gratitude and civic engagement; gratitude, immigration and belonging; gratitude, globalization and the environment.


Papers presented will be considered for a volume to be published in 2020-2021.

Funding from this project will also go towards a community project promoting gratitude in the public sphere.

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For further information contact Mona Siddiqui and Nathanael Vette