School of Divinity

Edinburgh 2010

This project was an ecumenical initiative to reflect on a century of missions, celebrate past achievements and plan for a new mission paradigm.

Based at the School of Divinity in Edinburgh, where the famous World Missionary Conference that gave birth to the ecumenical movement was held in 1910, the project engaged with a number of theological and mission related institutions around the world in stimulating reflection about the mission of the Church in the contemporary global context. The project involved nine commissions of study that examined issues such as mission and power, mission in relation to other faiths, biblical foundations, spirituality, unity and reconciliation.

For more information about the project see:

Edinburgh 2010 project website

Edinburgh 2010 culminated in a major international ecumenical conference held in the University of Edinburgh in June 2010, but the fruits of the project are still being published in a series of volumes issued by Regnum Books in Oxford: