School of Divinity

Building Theologies of Nature

We are building theologies of nature by engaging the content, objectives and methodologies of the contemporary natural sciences in all their diversity and disunity. Here is a selection of work by members of the Network.

Ongoing project by Andy Jones: Understanding Fungicide use in food crops in Bristol and Devon

Podcasts and discussions

Ongoing podcast by Tripp Fuller -  Homebrewed Podcasts

Online public event TheoCon: Theology in a Time of Crisis organized by Tripp Fuller and Sarah Lane Ritchie. Featuring network members: Megan Loumagne, Bethany Sollereder, Cristopher Southgate, Norman Wirzba (June-July 2020)

Mark Harris - Cranmer Hall Talking Theology podcast: How Does Thinking about Miracles Offer Fresh Insight into Science/Religion Dialogue? (November 2021)

Bethany Sollereder - Adherent Apologetics podcast: God's Love Explains Evolutionary Evils? The Problem of Animal Suffering (November 2021)

Bethany Sollereder – BioLogos Podcast: Choose your own adventure

Bethany Sollereder - Cranmer Hall Talking Theology podcast: How Do Theology and Science Together Help Us Rethink Suffering in Our Evolving World? (October 2021)

Rope Kojonen Interviews with Capturing Christianity (May & June 2021): How Evolution Can Still Be Evidence of Design and Why Evolution is Actually Evidence for God (the science)

Recorded Talks

Jamie Boulding organized a Panel Discussion on Christianity, education, and evolution with topics on navigating the intersection of faith, science and culture (September 2021)

Andy Jones - Research Ethics Conference at Exeter: The role of common morality for principlism in biomedical ethics (June 2021)

Interview Articles

William Simpson Global Catholic Education Interview (April 2021) 

William Simpson interview Wolfson College Cambridge: “There is just one fundamental thing that exists”: JRF proposes new ontology for quantum mechanics (February 2021)

(In Finnish) Rope Kojonen - “Minusta on kyseenalaista, ovatko suuret kertomukset ikinä täysin sekulaareja” – Lisa Sideriksen haastattelu. 10.11.2020

(In Finnish) Rope Kojonen - “Darwinin ’paholaisen kappalainen’ – voiko loispistiäinen olla

Jumalan silmissä hyvä?” 6.10. 2020

Selected Publications

Boulding, J. (2022). The multiverse and participatory metaphysics: a theological exploration. Routledge

Jones, A., (2020). Principlism in medicine – a philosopher’s view. Medicine 48, 637–639

Kittle, S. (2021). How (not) to think about the sense of ‘able’ relevant to free will. Inquiry, 1-19

Loumagne Ulishney, M. (2021) Augustine and the gendered self in time in Augustine and Time, eds. S. Hannan, K. Paffenroth, J. Doody. Rowman

Loumagne Ulishney, M. (2020) Visiting Iniquity Upon the Generations: Epigenetics, Systems Biology, and Theologies of Inherited Sin. Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences, 7(2), 205-226. DOI

Kojonen, E. V. (2021). The Compatibility of Evolution and Design. Palgrave

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Simpson, W. M. (2021) What’s the Matter with Super-Humeanism?, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 72(3), 893-911[this is about nature and William does acknowledge the GBN grant.]

Simpson, W. M., Koons, R. C., & Orr, J. (2021). Introduction: Reflections on Science, Theology, and the New Aristotelianism. In Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics and the Theology of Nature (pp. 1-18). Routledge

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Sollereder, B. N. (2021). Why is there suffering? Pick your own theological expedition. Zondervan