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God and the Book of Nature Network

A multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research network investigating theologies of the natural sciences and theologies of nature.

Building a Science-Engaged Theology of Nature

This research project has received £2.44 million funding from the John Templeton Foundation [Grant ID. 61507]. It began in September 2019 and will run for 33 months.

Research Vision

Black and white illustration of the earth
The project addresses three areas organised around our central "Book of Nature" theme, starting from existing work in science-engaged theology, but aimed specifically towards building theologies of nature.


Black and white illustration of chromosomes and DNA strands
We’re a research network of 10 postdoctoral fellows and their mentors.

Building Theologies of Nature

Two hands from the Creation of Adam fresco painting with superimposed drawings representing life sciences
We are building theologies of nature by engaging the content, objectives and methodologies of the contemporary natural sciences in all their diversity and disunity. Here is a selection of work by members of the Network.


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