School of Divinity

Academic staff

The activities at the Centre are supported by several academic staff.

At the core of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins ( CSCO) are researchers in the School of Divinity with an established interest and expertise in one or more of the following:

  • the New Testament
  • other early Christian writings or evidence
  • the religious, linguistic, literary and historical 'environment' of early Christianity

There is no particular privileging of core personnel as to roles or authority.

Rather, this core group is identified as indicating a critical mass of scholarship within CSCO.

Professor. H. K. Bond

Director of CSCO; Senior Lecturer in New Testament.

Professor L. W. Hurtado

Professor Emeritus of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology.

Professor T. H. Lim

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism.

Professor P. Foster

Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity.

Dr Sara Parvis

Lecturer in Patristics

Dr Matthew V Novenson

Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins

Dr Paul Parvis

Honorary Fellow

Professor Timothy Barnes

Honorary Fellow

Dr Margaret Williams

Honorary Fellow

Frank Dicken

Student Representative