School of Divinity

Short courses for Church people

The School of Divinity offers short courses for Church people, lay or ordained.


We are running two courses in January-February and March of 2023. These two courses are 'Values Based Reflective Practice® An Introduction...' and 'Leadership in a time of change'.

How to Apply

There are two parts to applying for each short course. Please take note of the deadline for registration to allow us to process your application.

1. Complete our online application form. You will have the option to select multiple courses. We will acknowledge your application but your place on the course will only be confirmed when you complete step 2.

Online Application Form

2. Pay the fee for your chosen courses via ePay

Value Based Reflective Practice - Taster (deadline 12pm 17th January)  

Value Based Reflectice Practice - using VBRP (deadline 12pm 27th February)  

Leadership in a time of change (deadline 12pm 27th February) 

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Booking Terms

We will accept cancellation of your place on a course and refund course fees within 14 days of completing payment.

Personal data: We will use the personal data you provide in the online application form to process your application and communicate with you about this course. We retain core data about course participants for 3 years (in case you require us to provide evidence that you have attended or that you have successfully completed the assignments) and financial details for 7 years.

If you have signed up for our mailing list, we will also contact you about future events you may be interested in. You may opt out of our mailing list at any time.

School of Divinity Short Courses Terms and Conditions



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