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Semester 2 - Spring 2021

Date Speaker Topic

19 January 

PhD Student Presentations

Nuam Hatzaw (University of Edinburgh)



Matt Reis (University of Edinburgh)


'“ place to lay their head”: Towards a Trauma-Informed Theology of Migration for the 1.5 Generation'


'The Evangelicalization of Brazilian Christianity in South Florida and the Problem of the Undocumented Status of Many Evangélicos'

2 February

Professor Brian Stanley (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Jooseop Keum (Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, South Korea)

Professor Esther Mombo (St. Paul's University, Kenya)

Professor Timothy Tennent (Asbury Theological Seminary)

Dr Janice McLean-Farrell (New Brunswick Theological Seminary)

'World Christianity at New College'

23 February

Dr Michael Ratnapalan (Yonsei University, South Korea)

'"Our Father’s Footprints" Robert Louis Stevenson’s writing on the Pacific Islands and the Anthropology of Conversion, 1888-1894.'

Respondent: Kirsten Murray.

A joint seminar with the Religion and Literature Network and CSWC

9 March


Roundtable Discussion 

Dr Arko Longkumer (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Shadaab Rahemtulla (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Emma Wild-Wood (University of Edinburgh)


'Decolonising Divinity'

A joint seminar with Religious Studies, Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations and CSWC


23 March

Dr Naomi Richman (Birkbeck, University of London)

'Deviance and Desire: Representations of sexuality and evil in the Nigerian Deliverance Churches.'

Respondent: TBC.

Semester 1 - Autumn 2020

Date Speaker Topic

29 September


Welcome Session

13 October

Panel Discussion

Dr Mark McLeister (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Chloë F. Starr (Yale Divinity School)

Dr Kevin Xiyi Yao (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)


‘Researching Chinese Christianity in the 2020s’

27 October  

Student Papers

Jessie Fubara-Manuel


Lucy Schouten


‘“Nothing wey no get cure for this world”: Interrogating Healing and the Miraculous for Disability and HIV in Nigeria’  

‘“Photos can be a problem”: Defining dignity through digital violations in Jordan's refugee crisis’

10 November

Panel Discussion

Dr Easten Law (Overseas Ministries Study Center)

Dr Diane Stinton (Regent College, Canada)

Dr Muthuraj Swamy (Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide)


‘Lived Theology: Qualitative Data and Theology in World Christianity’

24 November

Student Papers

Alec Simpson

Xie Dingjian


‘The Human Body as Site of Deification and Liberation: A Conversation with Dumitru Staniloae and Ivone Gebara’

‘Translating the idea of the Christian Trinity in Tang China (618-907)’


Centre for the Study of World Christianity