School of Divinity

World Christianity 2018

Tuesdays from 4.10pm to 5.30pm in the Althaus-Reid Room (**Unless otherwise noted**).

Date Speaker Topic
18 September  2018 Panel Snapshots of current research in the Centre
25 September 2018

Mr Tore Johnsen

University of Edinburgh

Pagan religion or pious Christianity? Contestations between Northern

Sami popular Christianity and Scandinavian Lutheranism

2 October 2018

Dr Sarang Kim

All Nations Christian College

Korean responses to Western music education in the early 20th century
9 October 2018

Dr Stewart Gillan

St John’s Church, Renfield, Glasgow

Towards a theological understanding of words in the wake of terror:

soundings with faith leaders in Britain, Pakistan and the Middle East 

16 October 2018

Mr Jeffrey Cannon

University of Edinburgh

“Contrary to the Teaching and Tenets of the Christian Faith”:

Images of Apartheid in Church of Scotland Publications, 1945–1965 

23 October 2018


Informal opportunity to meet Prof. Peter Phan, whose Cunningham Lectures

‘Migration of Christianity, Christianity of migration’ will take place at 5pm on

Monday 22, Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October

13 November 2018

Dr Sara Fretheim

University of Edinburgh

“I leave you the fire and the song” – Identity, poetry, and theology:

an exploration of Kwame Bediako’s life and legacy

as an African Christian scholar

20 November 2018

Dr Elijah Obinna

St John’s Parish Church, Carluke

Building the nation: dimensions and implications

of ethnicity and ethnocentrism in Nigeria

27 November 2018

Professor Andrew Walls

University of Edinburgh

Set in stone: the Christian significance of 19th-century Sierra Leone

as reflected in memorial inscriptions 

** In the Martin Hall**


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