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Semester 2 - Spring 2022

Date Speaker Topic

25 January

Dr C. J. Nash (IASH Fellow, University of Edinburgh)

‘A Black Woman’s Prophetic Rage: Religious Epistemology as Needed Boundary Crossing’. a womanist hermeneutic for a theological critique of social justice that amplifies Black women's religious epistemologies. 

*Joint seminar with Theology and Ethics.

8 February

Christina Li (CSWC)



Axolile Qina (Biblical Studies & CSWC)

‘The changing role of the Protestant churches in Hong Kong during the final decades of the British colonial era (1967-1997): the histories of the Anglican diocese and the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China.’ 


‘Why Animal Sacrifice is a dilemma for Xhosa Christians today’ 

1 March

Kirsty Stewart (archivist) & Obinna Nwokike (IASH fellow)

‘The archives of the CSWC’

Monday, 7 March

 Dr Keith Clements

‘J.H. Oldham and George Bell: Ecumenical Pioneers.’


22 March, 2.15pm

Edinburgh Theological Seminary, Online

Emma Wild-Wood ‘Apolo Kivebulaya and the contemporary importance of historical African missionaries.’  

29 March


‘Studying Religion in Africa’

Details TBC.

 *Joint seminar with the Centres of African Studies at UoE and Copenhagen University, 

Semester 1 - Autumn 2021

Date Speaker Topic

21 September


Welcome Session

Wednesday 22 September


Centre for Global History Seminar

Christopher Tounsel, Chosen Peoples: Christianity and Political Imagination in South Sudan (Duke University Press 2021).

For details, contact Professor Emma Hunter.

5 October


Margaret Acton (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Barbara Bompani (University of Edinburgh)

Professor James L. Cox (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Jehu J. Hanciles (Candler School of Theology, Emory University)


‘Commemorating Professor Andrew F. Walls OBE (1928–2021)’

19 October



Dongjun Seo


Victoria Turner

Centre PhD Student Papers

Reactive Ecumenism: Christian Unity against the National Threat, 1961-1994


The Changed Heart of the General Secretary Bernard Thorogood in the Lead up to the Restructure of the Council for World Mission


2 November

Professor Anthony Clark (Whitworth University)

The Theatre of Conversion: Catholic Drama and the (Re)presentation of China

16 November


Dr Ruth Padilla DeBorst (International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation)

Alexander Duff Lecture

Fleeing the hot spots: Climate change, migration and mission

Further Information

30 November


Jane Meng


Zhongchao Ma

Centre PhD Student Papers

Christ-human and the Unity of Equilibrium and Harmony: A Neo-Confucian Interpretation of Jia Yuming’s Experiential Spirituality

The gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Chinese American church of San Gabriel Valley


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