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Semester 2 - Spring 2023

Date Speaker Topic

24 January

Dr Harvey Kwiyani (Global Connections)

‘African Christian Identity in the Age of World Christianity: John Mbiti and Byang Kato, 50 Years Later’

7 February

*Althaus-Reid Room

Dr Antonio De Caro (University of Zurich)

‘Popularizing Catholic devotional images from Europe to China during the early modern era: Intermediality, cross-cultural encounters and conflictual receptions’

28 February

Book launch with Rev. Dr Warren R. Beattie (Church of Scotland and CSWC), Anne M. Y. Soh (WEC International), and Dr Julie Taylor (SIL International), with response by Rathiulung Elias (University of Edinburgh)

Arts Across Cultures: Reimagining the Christian Faith in Asia (Regnum 2022)

14 March

Professor Joanildo Albuquerque Burity (Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, Brazil)

‘Populism, the conservative wave and religion in Brazil: the last ten years’

*Joint seminar with Theology and Ethics, and Religious Studies

28 March

Nico Brice-Bennett, Rathiulung Elias, and Nuam Hatzaw

Centre Student Panel: Research Methods in World Christianity, in Retrospect

Semester 1 - Autumn 2022

Date Speaker Topic

20 September

Panel & student discussion on Renie Chow Choy Ancestral feeling: Postcolonial Thoughts on Western Christian Heritage.

‘Western Christian Heritage: What does it mean for World Christianity’

Thursday 22 September

Professors Rachel Muers, Jolyon Mitchell & Emma Wild-Wood, and Drs Anja Klein & Salam Rassi, chaired by Dr Holtschneider.

Whole School Research Seminar

Inter-disciplinary panel event reflecting on Professor Rachel Muers’ article '"Justly Shall You Pursue Justice": Theological Approaches to Evaluative Injustice'

CSWC students are strongly encouraged to attend.  

Friday 30 September

*Rainy Hall

Elizabeth Marteijn

PhD Alumna Lecture (Class of 2022): “Baraka without Boundaries: The Christian-Muslim Encounter in Shared Shrines in Palestine”

18 October

Abel Ugba (University of Leeds)

The Nurse and her Prayer of Defiance: religious globalization and divine healing experiences of Pentecostal Africans in Britain.’

1 November

Pedro Feitoza (Lecturer in Latin American Christianity)

'Religion and Regionalism in Brazil: The Dynamics of Evangelical Conversion and the Making of Caipira​​​​​​ culture, 1860-1940'

Seminar held with History of Christianity 

Monday 7 November

John Coffey (University of Leicester)

'Black Protestantism and the Demerara Slave Revolt (1823)' with History of Christianity.

15 November

Peniel Rajkumar (USPG, Ripon College Cuddeston)

"No one can serve Christ and Caste": Indian Ecumenical Attempts to Combat Caste.’


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