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World Christianity

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Semester 1 - Autumn 2019

Date Speaker Topic

17 September

*Meeting in the Althaus-Reid Room, followed by the Rainy Hall 

Welcome session


24 September

Dr Cathy Ross

(Regent’s Park College, Oxford)

Lament and Hope: 'There are things that can be seen only with eyes that have cried’ 

1 October

*Cunningham lectures

11am, Senate Room

Professor Shawn Copeland

(Boston College)

Political Theology: Reemergence, Risks, and Responsibilities

Cunningham Lectures take place 1, 2 and 3 October

2 October


Professor Shawn Copeland

(Boston College)

A Conversation with Professor Shawn Copeland

*Monday 7 October

1-2pm, Senate Room

Professor Archie Lee


The Darkness Plague and the Creation of Light: Reading Psalm 105: 28 and Gen 1: 1-2 in Chinese Perspectives

***Joint seminar - World Christianity and Biblical Studies***

8 October

*Martin Hall

Professor Andrew F. Walls


Book panel discussion: Crossing Cultural Frontiers (Orbis 2017)  

15 October

Dr Maya Mayblin


Celibacy, machismo, and the making of the Catholic priest-politician

22 October

Dr Denise Ross


A theology of Primal Experience: An Examination of Chin/Zomi Song

*29 October and 5 November

Gifford Lectures

Playfair Library at 5.30pm

Professor Michael Welker


God’s Image: Anthropology

Gifford Lectures take place on 28, 29 and 31 October and 4, 5 and 7 November

12 November

Revd Dr Anderson Jeremiah


Innovations in Church Traditions: The case of 'Believers Eastern Church (India)' and 'Apostolic Pastoral Congress (UK)'

19 November

*Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Room

Dr Martin Accad

(Arab Baptist Theological Seminary)

Sacred Misinterpretation: Reaching Across the Christian-Muslim Divide

***Joint seminar with Theology and Ethics and the Christian-Muslim Studies Network***


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