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Science and Religion

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Semester 2: Spring 2021

Date Speaker Topic
11 January

Dr Tripp Fuller (University of Edinburgh)

Nature and Trajectories of Bifurcation

25 January

Andrej Zeman (University of Edinburgh)


Edward Delaquil (University of Edinburgh)

Scientism from Darwin to Dawkins


Truth and Empiricism in Science and Religion

8 February

Dr Erin Green

Through an Algorithm Darkly: Imperfect AI in an Imperfect World

1 March

Prof Lisa Stenmark (San Jose State University)

Title TBC

15 March

Dr Paul Johnson

Imaginative Prayer Viewed Through a Model of Special Divine Action

29 March   MSc in Science & Religion Dissertation Day

Semester 1: Autumn 2020

Date Speaker Topic
28 September

Dr Jo Wolff (Edinburgh)

Introducing the Philosophy of Science for MSc students 

12 October


Professor Matthew Stanley (New York University)

Speculative science and religious resources: what do when you don't know something 

26 October

Dr Tasia Scrutton (University of Leeds)

Psychopathology and religious experience? 

9 November


Dr Fabien Revol (Catholic University of Lyon)

The theoretical challenges for a concept of continuous creation in the field of science and religion

23 November


Kate Snow (Edinburgh)

Science as Romantic Thought: The Curious Case of Big Bang Cosmology