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Religious Studies

Wednesdays, 4.10-5.30pm, in the Althaus-Reid Room, New College (*unless otherwise stated)

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Semester 2: Spring 2020

Date Speaker Topic
15 January

Jens Schlieter 


Veganism, Vegetarianism, and the Study of Religion

22 January 

Morteza Hashemi


Blood Donation: Post-Secular religious charities and donating blood to non-believers 

29 January 

Alastair Lockhart 


Eden and Sacred Territory in Emerging Religions: The Panacea Society and Other Movements in the Early 20th Century

12 February 

Malory Nye


Some thoughts on decolonizing the study of Religion

19 Februrary

Flexible learning week


4 March

Suzanne Owen

(Leeds Trinity)

On the public recognition of Pagan Religions

11 March

Michael Dudeck

(PhD candidate, ECA) 

 Temple of Artifice: Constructing a Digital Religion

18 March

MSc dissertation proposal presentations

MSc dissertation proposal presentations


25 March


Chris Cotter 



Unbelief on the Periphey: Contemporary Non-Religion in Scotland and Northern Ireland


1 April


End of semester social gathering


End of semester social gathering

Additional dates for your diary 2020

Date Speaker Topic

Thursday 23 April


Senate Room

Roundtable discussion

organised by the Edinburgh Buddhist Society

with Maria Heim, Douglas Cairns, Paul Dundas and others

"A Treasury of Classical Indian Emotions: An Approach to Emotion Words in Indian Religion, Philosophy, and other Textual Traditions”

Thursday 23 April


Martin Hall

Professor Maria Heim

(Amherst College)

Khyentse Buddhist Studies Lecture 2020

"Happiness, Pleasure, and Bliss in Early Buddhism and the Upanishads”

Monday 27 April,

11am-12.30pm,  Martin Hall

Prof Oliver Freiberger

(UT Austin)

Author of Considering Comparison: A Method for Religious Studies, OUP, 2019

and colleagues from the School of Divinity

 Considering Comparison:

A panel discussion on comparative religion

 5-7 May

Professor Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad


Gunning lectures

Thursday 14 May 11am, venue TBC

Professor Christian Lange


Sensual Qur’an

Semester 1: Autumn 2019

Date Speaker Topic
18 September 

Jeanne Openshaw


Who am I?’ Baul perspectives on identity

25 September

Bettina Schmidt

(Wales, Trinity St David)

The film Orfeu negro (Black Orpheus) and its relevance for study of religions sixty years later 

1-3 October

Cunningham lectures

Professor Shawn Copeland

(Boston College)

Political Theology: Reemergence, Risks, and Responsibilities 

9 October

Elsa Richardson


Lentil Soup Beyond the Veil: Vegetarian Spiritualism in Edwardian London   

16 October

*Senate Room

Chris Clark


On the making of the Kuthodaw Pagoda: A monumental inscriptional site of Buddhist literature 

23 October 

*11.10am in the Martin Hall

Stacey Gutkowski

(King’s College, London)

Jewish ‘secular’ millennials in Israel: attitudes to ethno-religious nationalism

***Co-sponsored by Religious Studies and Theology and Ethics***

30 October

Beth Singler


 Blessed by the Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence and Religion

13 November

David Gellner


What is Religion? Some Examples from Nepal and the Nepali Diaspora

20 November

Justin Meggitt


Starting from a different place: radical dissent and the reception of Islam among early Quakers and Unitarians

***Co-sponsored by Religious Studies and Christian-Muslim Studies***