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Semester 2: Spring 2021

Date Speaker Topic

13 January  


Dr. Susannah Crockford (Ghent University)                                                         

5G Bats and QAnon: The Surprising Cross-Pollinations of Online Conspirituality

24 February


Professor Arran Hughed (Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Rochester)

Dr. Hannah Holtschneider (Edinburgh)

Dr. Seven Sutcliffe (Edinburgh)

Judiasm and Critical Religion


10 March


Claire Wanless (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Edinburgh)


Contemporary spiritualities as social learning systems: rethinking individuals and their communities 

24 March


Chair – Koonal Duggal (Leverhulme Research Fellow, Edinburgh) 

Professor Tulasi Srinivas (Professor of Anthropology, Religion and Transnational Affairs, Institute for liberal Arts, Emerson College): The Prediction: Quests, Questions and Futures after the Death of a Guru

Professor Jacob Copeman (Distinguished Investigator and Research Professor, University of Santiago de Compostela): The Imprisoned Guru: Gurus and Violence

Professor Amanda Lucia (Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of California, Riverside, and Co-Director of the Institute for the Study of Immigration and Religion): Title TBC.

Global Gurus: A Panel

Organised by the Leverhulme Research Project (2019-2022), University of Edinburgh, “Gurus, anti-gurus, and media in north India”. 

Semester 1: Autumn 2020

Date Speaker Topic

23 September 


Dr Arkotong Longkumer


Citizenship Amendment Act and the Greater India Experiment

***Jointly organised by Religious Studies and Centre for South Asian Studies***

7 October


Dr Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh)

Professor Andy Rotman (Smith College)

Professor Reiko Ohnuma (Dartmouth College)


Why study Buddhist stories?

***Hosted by Edinburgh Buddhist Studies***

21 October


Chair - Dr Arkotong Longkumer (Edinburgh)

Dr. Natalie Avalos (Asst. Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder): Indigenous stewardship, settler ecologies, and decolonization

Professor Greg Johnson (Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara): Learning more, saying less: ethnography, advocacy, and a (healthy) crisis of confidence

Professor Philipp Schorch (Professor Museum Anthropology, Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität in Munich, Germany): Un/re doing museums beyond critique?

Advocacy, Indigeneity and Religion: A Panel Discussion 

4 November


Chair – Dr Steven Sutcliffe (Edinburgh) 

Dr. Bernadett Bigalke (Leipzig)

Dr Jörg Albrecht (Hannover)

From Life Reform to Holistic Spirituality: Themes and Issues

A round table on the soteriology and politics of natural and alternative healthcare and self-culture in European networks c. 1910-1965. 

18 November

*Rainy Hall

Dr. Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic (University of Edinburgh, Social Anthropology)

Stalin’s Trial and Accountability of the Dead: Secular Law and Russian Orthodox Views

2 December 


End of semester social