School of Divinity

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Tuesdays at 4.10pm in the Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Theatre and online unless otherwise specified.

To attend online, please contact Salam Rassi ( for Zoom link. 

Semester 2 - Spring 2023

Date Speakers Event / topic 

31 January

*Althaus-Reid Room

Dr Nora Schmid (University of Hamburg)    

'Asceticism in Sermons of Kharijites and Islamic Renunciants


Prof Andrew Peacock (University of St Andrews)

'Translating the Bible in Mongol Tabriz: Persian Manuscripts, Syriac Translators and European Patronage'


Dr Mina Ibrahim (University of Marburg)

Book Talk: Identity, Marginalisation, Activism, and Victimhood in Egypt: Misfits in the Coptic Christian Community


Dr Neelam Hussain (Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern Manuscripts)


4 April

Dr Hilary Kilpatrick (independent scholar)

'What is al-Shābushtī's (d. c. 999) Kitāb al-diyārāt (The Book of Monasteries) really about?'

Semester 1 - Autumn 2022

Date Speakers Event / topic 

30 September

Dr Elizabeth Marteijn (Early Career Fellow in World Christianity, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh)

PhD Alumna Lecture (Class of 2022): “Baraka without Boundaries: The Christian-Muslim Encounter in Shared Shrines in Palestine”

Jointly held with World Christianity Seminar Series

14 October

Dr Ankur Barua (University Senior Lecturer in Hindu Studies, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge)

"The Muslim Self and its Hindu Neighbours: Bengali Borderlines of Belonging”

Jointly held with Religious Studies Seminar Series

28 October

*General Assembly Hall

Imam Mustafa Briggs (Al-Azhar University, Egypt)

NC Black History Month Lecture: “Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam”

Jointly held with Equality and Diversity Committee, Race.Ed, and UofE Islamic Society

11 November

Dr Walaa Quisay (Leverhulme Posdoctoral Fellow, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh)

“Debates on Hunger Strikes and Prison Resistance: Between Islamic Law and Prison Experiences”

Jointly held with the Theology and Ethics Seminar Series

18 November

Dr Sohaira Siddiqui (Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology, Georgetown University, Qatar)

Zoom Webinar: “Contesting Muslim Legal Sovereignty in Colonial India”

Jointly held with Race.Ed

25 November Dr Claire Norton (Associate Professor of History, St Mary’s University, Twickenham)

“(In)tolerant Ottomans: Polemic, Perspective, and the Reading of Primary Sources”

Jointly held with the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies