School of Divinity

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Tuesdays at 4.10pm on Zoom unless otherwise specified.

Details of how to join online will be emailed round before the relevant seminar. For more information, contact Dr Shadaab Rahemtulla.

Semester 1 - Autumn 2021

Date Speakers Event / topic 

28 September

*Rainy Hall


Vanessa Goodwin (Edinburgh)



Jaan Islam (Edinburgh)

PhD Panel: Sacred Law in the Modern World

The Juristic Challenges of Modern Fertility Treatments: Jewish and Muslim Engagements


Mujahids or Mujtahids? The Influence of Classical Legal Schools on Contemporary ‘Salafi-Jihadi’ Jurisprudence

12 October


Dr Shehnaz Haqqani (Mercer University)


Can Muslim Women Marry Non-Muslims? A Scriptural Analysis

26 October

*Rainy Hall

Dr Joshua Ralston (Edinburgh)

Prophet of God, Word of God, Son of God? Jesus in Christian-Muslim Dialogue

9 November

*Rainy Hall

Dr Haroon Bashir (Markfield Institute)

Black Excellence and the Curse of Ham: Debating Race and Slavery in the Islamic Tradition

23 November


Professor Jan Loop (University of Copenhagen)


The Qur’an as a Material Object in Early Modern Europe