School of Divinity

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Tuesdays at 4pm (fortnightly) in Rainy Hall and online unless otherwise specified.

Details of how to join online will be emailed round before the relevant seminar. For more information, contact Dr Shadaab Rahemtulla.

Semester 1 - Autumn 2020

Date Speakers Event / topic 

22 September


Sam Nwokoro (Edinburgh)



Lucy Schouten (Edinburgh)



Emmanuel Ossai (Edinburgh)

PhD Panel

The Making of Melkite Christianity under the Umayyads in Late Antique Damascus



Exploring the Changing Dynamic of Christian-Muslim Coexistence in a Time of Migration Crisis


The Impact of Religion on Interreligious Peace: Evidence from Zones of Peace in Abuja, Nigeria

6 October


Dr Joshua Ralston (Edinburgh)

Book Conversation

Law and the Rule of God: A Christian Engagement with Shari'a (Cambridge University Press, 2020)


Moderator: Professor Mona Siddiqui (Edinburgh)

20 October


Dr Omar Anchassi (Edinburgh)

Research Paper

Putting the Qur'an in Context: Fazlur Rahman, Prophetology and the Double Movement

3 November

*Online only


Dr Mustapha Sheikh (University of Leeds)


A Tale of Four Rivers: Rethinking Qur'an 47:15 in light of Hanafi Juristic Discourse

17 November

*Online only 


Dr Mulki Al-Sharmani (University of Helsinki)


Studying Islamic Feminism in Texts and Lived Realities: Some Methodological Reflection