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This listing includes notices of conferences by other organisations which are taking place in Edinburgh and which may be of interest. 

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Semester 2: Spring 2020

Date  Speaker/event Topic


28 January 2020

Dr David Onnekink


'The Social Power of Missionary Maps, c. 1850-1950'

***Joint Seminar with the Centre for the Study of World Christianity***

3 February 2020

Dr Simon Burton


‘Returning to the Golden Age: Peter Ramus’ Programme of Theological Reform’


10 February 2020

Dr Andrew Holmes

(Queen’s, Belfast)

'Modernism and fundamentalism in Presbyterian Ulster? The 1927 Heresy Trial of Professor J.E. Davey in Context'

17 February 2020

No seminar

Flexible Learning Week


24 February 2020


Dr Alex Corrigan



'John Napier’s Plaine Discovery and its English Reception'

2 March 2020

Professor Brian Stanley


‘“Utmost Harmony”? The Ambiguities of Friendship in the Early Serampore

Mission of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1800-1827’

***(Joint Seminar with the Centre for the Study of World Christianity***

9 March 2020

Jim Henry

(National Mining Museum Scotland)

‘Mining Memorials in Scotland’

External conference

Saturday 14 March 2020

10am – 5pm 

Stirling Baptist Church,

67 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 1AU

Scottish Church History Society Spring Conference



Speakers include:

Dr Alasdair Raffe (Edinburgh)

For the call for papers and registration information, see Eventbrite:


16 March 2020


Dr Felicity Loughlin

(St Andrews)


Unbelief in Scotland, c.1789-1843: The Last Blasphemy Trials’

23 March 2020

Professor Jane Dawson


'When is a Cleric not a Cleric? Some Answers from 16th-Century Scotland’

30 March 2020

Dr Ian Shaw

(Union School of Theology,

and School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh)


'19th-Century Perceptions of the "Double Cure" in Home and Overseas Mission'

Semester 1: Autumn 2019

Date  Speaker/event Topic

30 September

Welcome Social Gathering


5 October 2019

External conference

10am–4.30 pm on Saturday at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, North Bank Street, Edinburgh


Please email Dr Neil Dickson to inform him that you will be attending:


Annual conference of the Christianity and History Forum for Scotland

Revd David McCarthy: Evangelicalism in the Scottish Episcopal Church since 1840)

Dr Aaron M. Allen: Women, Marriage and Work in Edinburgh

Dr Brian Talbot: Scottish Baptists 1980-1994

7 October

Dr Sara Parvis


Lies, Damned Lies and Patristics: Gelasius of Caesarea's lost History of the Arian Controversy as the key to Nicene historiography

14 October

Professor Stewart J Brown


Dissolving the ‘Sacred Union’?  The Disestablishment of the Church in Ireland, 1869

21 October

Dr Robert Cotter

(Queen’s, Belfast)

18th-Century Moravianism and the Debate about Evangelicalism

28 October

University public lecture

Gifford Lecture

Playfair Library, 5.30pm

Professor Michael Welker


Human Beings as God’s Image?

2 November

External conference

10am–5pm on Saturday

Edinburgh Theological Seminary, North Bank Street, Edinburgh EH1 2LS (immediately to the east of New College)


For registration information, see Eventbrite:

Scottish Church History Society Autumn Conference

Speakers include:

Professor Dana Robert (Boston)

Professor Brian Stanley (Edinburgh)

Scottish Christianity and the World

4 November

University public lecture

Gifford Lecture

Playfair Library, 5.30pm

Professor Michael Welker


Called to Freedom
11 November

Nathan Hood


Conversion and Religious Emotion in Early Seventeenth-Century Scotland

18 November

Dr Russell Newton


'God's word is a looking-glasse': Ministers and the Bible in Early Modern Scotland

25 November

Dr Kenneth Hughes

(Scottish Episcopal Church)

Liturgical Reform: the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church

2 December

4-6pm, Martin Hall

Wine reception afterwards: Rainy Hall

Book launch

Main speaker: 

Dr Helen Rogers

(Liverpool John Moores) 


Dr Laura Mair’s book, 'Religion and Relationships in Ragged Schools: An Intimate History of Educating the Poor, 1844-1870,’ (Routledge)