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History of Christianity

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This listing includes notices of conferences by other organisations which are taking place in Edinburgh and which may be of interest. Everyone is warmly invited to our seminars.

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Semester 1: Autumn 2021

Date  Speaker/event Topic

27 September

Dr Paul Parvis (Edinburgh)

Where have all the teachers gone?

How – not why – was Paul of Samosata condemned in 268?

11 October


Professor David Hempton (Harvard Divinity School)

Gifford Lectures

Networks, Nodes, and Nuclei in the History of Christianity, c. 1500-2020


25 October

Dr Anna Mackay (School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh)

“He who has seen me has seen the Father”: The Veronica Legend in Medieval England

*This Seminar is being co-hosted with the Scottish Network for Religion and Literature

8 November

Dr Ian J. Shaw (Edinburgh)


Nineteenth-Century Perceptions of the "Double Cure" in Home and Overseas Mission

22 November

Dr Simon Burton (Edinburgh)

Cusa, Copernicus and the Plurality of Worlds:

Astronomical Mysticism in the Hartlib Circle and its Periphery