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Christian Origins

Lectures and book launch events hosted by the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins.

Semester 2: Spring 2020

Date Speaker(s) Topic

Thursday 30 January 

4.10pm, Martin Hall

Tim Wardle


'The parting of the ways between Jews and Samaritans'

Wednesday 18 March

4.10pm, Martin Hall

Douglas Campbell (Duke)

Mark Elliott (Glasgow)

'Pauline Dogmatics'


Friday 3 April 

4.10pm, Martin Hall


Helen Bond (Edinburgh)

Christine Jacobi (Humboldt),  

Chris Keith (St Mary’s Twickenham)

Julia Lindenlaub (Edinburgh)

Jens Schröterm (Humboldt) 


Book launch for 'The Reception of Jesus in the First Three Centuries' (T&T Clark, 2019) 

Tuesday 21 April 

4pm, Martin Hall

Suzanna Millar (Edinburgh)

Walter Moberly (Durham)

Book launch for 'Genre and Openness in Proverbs 10-22' (SBL Press, 2020)

Tuesday 19 May 

4pm, Old Library, Geography Dept, 1 Drummond St 

Timothy Lim (Edinburgh)

Philip Alexander (Manchester) 

Book launch for 'The Earliest Commentary on the Prophecy of Habakkuk' (OUP, 2020) 

Monday 8 June 

4pm, Martin Hall

Mark Goodacre (Duke)

'The Beloved Disciple for Readers of the Synoptics'

Tuesday 16 June 

4pm, Martin Hall

Michal Beth Dinkler (Yale)

'How to Do Things with Stories: New Testament Narratives as Rhetoric'

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