School of Divinity

Opening Lecture 2021

Dr Hannah Holtschneider delivered her Opening Lecture, ‘Touching Jewish History: family’ on Wednesday 15 September as part of the Welcome Week festivities.

The lecture was an excellent, thought-provoking and engaging way to open our new academic year and great to see nearly 100 people attending in the Assembly Hall.

Watch the full recording of the lecture by clicking 'play' on the video below!


We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Andrej Zeman for capturing this event in such a beautiful way. Andrej is a PhD student who takes lovely pictures which you can see on his website below!

Zemi Photography

Colour head and shoulders image of Dr Hannah Holtschneider delivering the opening lecture in 2021
Colour image of the Opening Lecture 2021 in the Assembly Hall
Colour images of the speakers from the opening lecture 2021
Colour image of the audience from the Opening Lecture 2021
Colour images of the academic procession before the Opening Lecture 2021
Colour image of servitor's hands