School of Divinity

Academic Lunches 2019/20

Lunchtime conversation for postgraduate students at New College

Academic Lunches (previously 'First Fridays') include a sandwich catered by Social Bite and we ask you to bring your own drink or buy it from the Rainy Hall.

Postgraduate life brings lots of new challenges and opportunities. The Academic Lunches create a space in which to address and think through some topics relevant to all areas of academic life. In an informal and supportive setting scholars at various stages of their careers will offer a brief input of 5-10 minutes, followed by an open floor to ask questions and make your own contributions. The key to these events is an openness to explore and a willingness to be surprised. For further details of the events, please see your PG handbook.

If you wish to give feedback or want to suggest a topic for an Academic Lunch please contact the E&D Director, Dr Hannah Holtschneider

Semester 1: Autumn 2019 - Elizabeth Templeton Room

Date/Time Topic Facilitators

4 October

Cultural diversity at New College and the international character of the School of Divinity.

Dr Arkotong Longkumer and Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie.

1 November

Academic work and life.

Dr Michael Fuller, Professor Hardman Moore, and Dr Emma Wild-Wood.

6 December

Religious diversity in / and academic life.

Dr Chris Cotter, Professor David Fergusson, Dr Hannah Holtschneider and Dr Sara Parvis

Semester 2: Spring 2019 - Senate Room (speakers to be confirmed)

Date/Time Topic Facilitators

28 February

Following the conference ‘Christianity and LGBT+’ earlier this month we invite students and staff to offer feedback on this event and the topics discussed.

Dr Townsend and the Conference Team.

27 March

Gendered experiences of studying at university.

Dr Naomi Appleton, Professor Helen Bond, Professor Jay Brown, and Dr Suzanna Millar

24 April

How to be a supportive academic?

Dr Linden Bicket, Dr Alison Jack