School of Divinity

Programme structure

Classes meet in two-week blocks twice per year for 2.5 years, in Edinburgh and in Pittsburgh.

The programme is based on a cohort model that facilitates peer relationships and shared learning throughout the DMin journey. 

This emphasis on combining academic study and the practice of ministry is carried out through interactive teaching-learning styles in seminars and courses.

The doctoral project at the end of coursework is undertaken under the supervision of carefully selected members of staff. The project provides an opportunity for candidates to explore in-depth an aspect of their ministry to which they seek to bring new insight, knowledge, and imagination. This project is different from other doctorate degrees which culminate in dissertations. In the DMin final project, each candidate demonstrates her or his ability to identify a specific theological topic in ministry, organize an effective research model, use appropriate resources, and evaluate the results, reflecting the candidate’s depth of theological insight in relation to ministry. 

The distinctive feature of a DMin project is that it is contextual – it engages a specific context.