School of Divinity

Masters by Research (Master of Theology, Master of Science)

A one-year programme

If you have academic training in theology or religious studies (or another relevant subject), and would like to develop your interest with a focus on a particular area, the Masters by Research may interest you.

In most research areas, this programme can be taken as a Master of Theology by Research or a Master of Science by Research – the difference is only in the name.

You can study full-time (one year), or part-time over two years (but part-time study is not available if you require a Tier 4 visa).

Your pattern of study can either be three supervised research essays (two at 4,000 words and one at 7,000 words), followed by a 15,000 word dissertation, or two supervised research essays (7,500 words each), written in the style of an article for an academic journal, followed by a 15,000 word dissertation.

All students receive research training.