School of Divinity

Francesca Barbini MA Religious Studies

Children's author.

Her first science-fiction book for children, Tijaran Tales: White Child (July 2011), has been well received, and she is already working on the second instalment of the story.

Francesca came to New College in the 1990s to do an MA in Religious Studies, during which time she specialised in the Ancient Near East and the Dead Sea Scrolls. She currently teaches R.E. at St David's RC High School in Dalkeith, Midlothian, and is an active member of the Tolkien Society. She also serves on the Alumni Committee of New College, where she represents especially the 1990s cohort.

In White Child, Francesca's love of fantasy fiction has combined with her experience of teaching teenagers to produce an out-of-this-world story which nevertheless deals with some very real-world issues. The protagonist, 12 year old Julius McCoy, not only must do battle with an evil Queen, but must also undergo the usual trials of growing up. As the adventure progresses, he discovers the joy of friendship, and learns to stand up for the right.

Both spiritual and scientific, White Child is also, according to initial reviews, a rip-roaring good read. Francesca herself describes her book as “Harry Potter meets the X-men in Star Wars”!

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