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New College publishes an annual bulletin of interest to alumni.


In this year’s New College Bulletin our focus is on our students. So, we feature brief overviews of our undergraduate students and programmes (by Dr. Alison Jack) and our postgraduate students and programmes (by Professor Susan Hardman Moore). As you will see from their comments, New College continues to thrive, with a robust number of applicants each year at all levels. We also continue to draw our postgraduate students from a wide variety of countries.

Recent reviews of our operation have produced  commendations. But the reviews that mean the most to us are from our students and our alumni! In this Bulletin we also feature a variety of news about academic staff (including new appointments), recent books published by them, examples of major research projects led by academic staff, major contributions to our scholarship funds, a  couple of the current postgraduate scholarship recipients, an unusual find in the New College Library, and other items.

Among coming events, I want to  draw attention to the New College Alumni Reunion on 4th June. You will find more information on this special event on page 20. We also encourage our former students to visit our website, which includes news about events and developments throughout the year:

And we want to hear from you too. So, let us know developments in your life. You can email to me:


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We want to hear from you too. So, let us know developments in your life. You can email the editor at  Larry Hurtado at

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