School of Divinity

Office bearers

Contact details for key staff in our School.

This page lists the main office bearers. For a complete lists of all academic and support staff, please go to our People page.







Head of School


Prof Helen Bond


650 8923

Director of Professional Services

Louisa Grotrian

650 8938

School Secretary 

Mingyuan Cao

650 8959


Undergraduate Director and Senior Personal Tutor


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Naomi Appleton

650 8976

Senior Personal Tutor

Dr Alex Chow

650 8961


Undergraduate Programme Directors

Religious Studies Dr Arko Longkumer
  650 8781
Divinity Dr Sandy Forsyth 650 8109
Theology and Ethics Dr David Grumett 650 8970


Postgraduate  Directors - the Graduate School


Director of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Emma Wild-Wood

650 8977

Director of Postgraduate Taught Masters Dr Sara Parvis 650 8907


Postgraduate Taught Programme Directors


Biblical Studies

Dr Matthew Novenson 650 8942
Islamic and Christian-Muslim Relations: Dr Shadab Rahemtulla 650 8954
Religious Studies Dr Arkotong Longkumer
650 8781
Theology in History Prof Susan Hardman Moore 650 8908
Science and Religion Prof Mark Harris 650 8914
World Christianity Dr Alex Chow 650 8961



Director of Research
  Dr Steve Sutcliffe
  650 8947

Director of Knowledge Exchange and Outreach

Dr James Eglinton

650 8975

Convenor of Ethics in Research Committee Dr Sarah Lane Richie 650 8903

REF Unit of Assessment Co-ordinator Prof David Fergusson 650 8912


Research Centre Directors

Centre for the Study of World Christianity

Dr Emma Wild-Wood and Dr Alex Chow

As above As above
Centre for Theology & Public Issues Prof Jolyon Mitchell 650 8962
Centre for the Study of Christian Origins Dr Matt Novenson 650 8942





Directors, Co-ordinators, Conveners, Officers

Director of Quality Assurance & Enhancement Dr David Grumett 650 8970

Director of Recruitment 

Prof Jolyon Mitchell

650 8962

Director/Convenor of Equality and Diversity 

Dr Philippa Townsend   650 8964

Convenor of Board of Examiners & Special Circumstances  

Prof Paul Foster 650 8917

Academic Misconduct Officer

Dr Simon Burton

650 8920

Exchanges Coordinator

Dr Ulrich Schmiedel

650 8918

Visiting Fellows Convener

Prof Jay Brown

650 8951

CAHSS Promotions Adviser Prof Timothy Lim 650 8919