School of Divinity

The University

New College merged with the Faculty of Divinity in 1935.

New College remained an independent church institution for some eight and a half decades - from its beginnings to 1900 as a Free Church College and then from 1900 until the church Union of 1929 as a United Free Church College.

It was not until January 1935 that the negotiations and legislation entailed by that Union (which reconstituted the national Church of Scotland by the merger of the United Free Church and the existing Church of Scotland) finally brought about the marriage of New College with the University's Faculty of Divinity in the New College building.

The dual identity of the resulting College-cum-Faculty [is one] which it shares with the other Scottish Divinity faculties and ... still represents one of their claims to distinctiveness among theological schools in the United Kingdom.

Extracts taken from: Wright, D. F. & Badcock, G. D. eds., Disruption to Diversity: Edinburgh Divinity 1846-1996 (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1996).

Reproduced by permission of the publisher with grateful thanks.