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2008 publication highlights

Selected publications for 2008, alphabetically by first author.

Aitman TJ, Critser JK, Cuppen E, Dominiczak A, Fernandez-Suarez XM, Flint J, Gauguier D, Geurts AM, Gould M, Harris PC, Holmdahl R, Hubner N, Izsvak Z, Jacob HJ, Kuramoto T, Kwitek AE, Marrone A, Mashimo T, Moreno C, Mullins J, Mullins L, Olsson T, Pravenec M, Riley L, Saar K, Serikawa T, Shull JD, Szpirer C, Twigger SN, Voigt B, Worley K (2008) Progress and prospects in rat genetics: a community view. Nature Genetics 40:516-522.

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Court FA, Gillingwater TH, Melrose S, Sherman DL, Greenshields KN, Morton AJ, Harris JB, Willison HJ & Ribchester RR (2008) Identity, developmental restriction and reactivity of extralaminar cells capping mammalian neuromuscular junctions. Journal of Cell Science 121:3901-3911.

Dunican DS, Ruzov A, Hackett JA, Meehan RR (2008) xDnmt1 regulates transcriptional silencing in pre-MBT Xenopus embryos independently of its catalytic function. Development 135:1295-1302

Flatman PW (2008) Cotransporters, WNKs and hypertension: an update. Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension 17:186-192.

Garden DLF, Dodson PD, O’Donnell C, White MD, Nolan MF (2008) Tuning of Synaptic Integration in the Medial Entorhinal Cortex to the Organization of Grid Cell Firing Fields. Neuron 60:875-889.

Hospedales TM, van Rossum MCW, Graham BP, Dutia MB (2008) Implications of noise and neural heterogeneity for vestibulo-ocular reflex fidelity. Neural Computation 20:756-778.

Hyde SC, Pringle IA, Abdullah S, Lawton AE, Davies LA, Varathalingam A, Nunez-Alonso G, Green AM, Bazzani RP, Sumner-Jones SG, Chan M, Li H, Yew NS, Cheng SH, Boyd AC, Davies JC, Griesenbach U, Porteous DJ, Sheppard DN, Munkonge FM, Alton E, Gill DR (2008) CpG-free plasmids confer reduced inflammation and sustained pulmonary gene expression. Nature Biotechnology 26:549-551.

Michailidou Z, Carter RN, Marshall E, Sutherland HG, Brownstein DG, Owen E, Cockett K, Kelly V, Ramage L, Al-Dujaili EAS, Ross M, Maraki I, Newton K, Holmes MC, Seckl JR, Morton NM, Kenyon C, Chapman KE (2008) Glucocorticoid receptor haploinsufficiency causes hypertension and attenuates hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and blood pressure adaptions to high-fat diet. Faseb Journal 22:3896-3907.

Murray LM, Comley LH, Thomson D, Parkinson N, Talbot K, Gillingwater TH (2008) Selective vulnerability of motor neurons and dissociation of pre- and post-synaptic pathology at the neuromuscular junction in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy. Human Molecular Genetics 17:949-962.

Papadia S, Soriano FX, Leveille F, Martel MA, Dakin KA, Hansen HH, Kaindl A, Sifringer M, Fowler J, Stefovska V, McKenzie G, Craigon M, Corriveau R, Ghazal P, Horsburgh K, Yankner BA, Wyllie DJA, Ikonomidou C, Hardingham GE (2008) Synaptic NMDA receptor activity boosts intrinsic antioxidant defenses. Nature Neuroscience 11:476-487.

Peixoto R, Turban S, Battle JH, Chapman KE, Seckl JR, Morton NM (2008) Preadipocyte 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 is a keto-reductase and contributes to diet-induced visceral obesity in vivo. Endocrinology 149:1861-1868.

Pickard BS, Knight HM, Hamilton RS, Soares DC, Walker R, Boyd JKF, Machell J, Maclean A, McGhee KA, Condie A, Porteous DJ, Clair DS, Davis I, Blackwood DHR & Muir WJ (2008) A common variant in the 3 ' UTR of the GRIK4 glutamate receptor gene affects transcript abundance and protects against bipolar disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 105:14940-14945.

Rossoni E, Feng JF, Tirozzi B, Brown D, Leng G & Moos F (2008) Emergent Synchronous Bursting of Oxytocin Neuronal Network. PLoS Computational Biology 4.

Soriano FX, Martel MA, Papadia S, Vaslin A, Baxter P, Rickman C, Forder J, Tymianski M, Duncan R, Aarts M, Clarke P, Wyllie DJA & Hardingham GE (2008) Specific Targeting of Pro-Death NMDA Receptor Signals with Differing Reliance on the NR2B PDZ Ligand. Journal of Neuroscience 28:10696-10710.

Takayanagi Y, Matsumoto H, Nakata M, Mera T, Fukusumi S, Hinuma S, Ueta Y, Yada T, Leng G & Onaka T (2008) Endogenous prolactin-releasing peptide regulates food intake in rodents. Journal of Clinical Investigation 118:4014-4024.

Tian l, Jeffries OJ, McClafferty H, Molyvdas A, Rowe ICM, Saleem F, Chen L, Greaves J, Chamberlain LH, Knaus HG, Ruth P, Shipston MJ (2008) Palmitoylation gates phosphorylation-dependent regulation of BK potassium channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105:21006-21011.

Tian L, McClafferty H, Chen L, Shipston MJ (2008) Reversible tyrosine protein phosphorylation regulates large conductance voltage- and calcium-activated potassium channels via cortactin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283:3067-3076.

Tian NM, Pratt T & Price DJ (2008) Foxg1 regulates retinal axon pathfinding by repressing an ipsilateral program in nasal retina and by causing optic chiasm cells to exert a net axonal growth-promoting activity. Development 135:4081-4089.

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Wamil M, Andrew R, Chapman KE, Street J, Morton NM & Seckl JR (2008) 7-Oxysterols Modulate Glucocorticoid Activity in Adipocytes through Competition for 11 beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type. Endocrinology 149:5909-5918.

Wishart TM, Pemberton HN, James SR, McCabe CJ, Gillingwater TH (2008) Modified cell cycle status in a mouse model of altered neuronal vulnerability (Wallerian Degeneration Slow; WldS). Genome Biology 9:R101 (Click here for raw array data for Wishart et al 2008).

Wijetunge LS, Till SM, Gillingwater TH, Ingham CA & Kind PC (2008) mGluR5 Regulates Glutamate-Dependent Development of the Mouse Somatosensory Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 28:13028-13037.

Willaredt MA, Hasenpusch-Theil K, Gardner HAR, Kitanovic I, Hirschfeld-Warneken VC, Gojak CP, Gorgas K, Bradford CL, Spatz J, Wolfl S, Theil T & Tucker KL (2008) A Crucial Role for Primary Cilia in Cortical Morphogenesis. Journal of Neuroscience 28:12887-12900.