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Dr Jane Brennan

Together with a team of developers at the Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh we run the database for the GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP).

Jane Brennan

Senior editor, GUDMAP

  • Hugh Robson Building
  • 15 George Square
  • EdinburghEH8 9XD

Contact details

Personal profile

  • 2005- present: Senior editor, GUDMAP SBMS, University of Edinburgh
  • 2003-2005: Associate Scientist, Genentech Inc, San Francisco, USA
  • 2002-2003: Independent Postdoc Fellow, Institute for Stem Cell Research, University of Edinburgh
  • 1998-2002: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
  • 1993-1998: PhD student, Institute for Stem Cell Research, University of Edinburgh
  • 1991-1993: Research Assistant, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College London
  • 1988-1991: BSc Biochemistry, University of Manchester


This is an international consortium working to generate gene expression data and transgenic mice. GUDMAP includes data from large-scale in situ hybridisation screens (wholemount and section) and microarray gene expression data of microdissected, laser-captured and FACS-sorted components of the developing mouse genitourinary (GU) system.

These expression data are annotated using a high-resolution anatomy ontology specific to the developing murine GU system. GUDMAP data are freely accessible at www.gudmap.org via easy-to-use interfaces.

This curated, high-resolution dataset serves as a powerful resource for biologists, clinicians and bioinformaticians interested in the developing urogenital system.


  • National Institute for Health, USA

Team members

  • Professor Jamie Davies (PI)
  • Dr Jane Armstrong
  • Dr Mathieu Unbekandt
  • Ms Sue Lloyd-MacGilp


  • Prof Richard Baldock, Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh
  • Prof Andrew McMahon, Harvard University, USA
  • Prof Melissa Little, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Prof Bruce Aronow, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre, USA

Selected publications

Harding, SD., Armit, C., Armstrong J., Brennan J et al. (2011) The GUDMAP database - an online resource for genitourinary research. Development. Jul; 138(13):2845-2853.

Little, M.H., Brennan, J et al (2007) A high-resolution anatomical ontology of the developing murine genitourinary tract. Gene Expression Patterns, Jun;7(6):680-99

Brennan, J., Norris, D.P. and Robertson, E.J. (2002) Nodal activity in the node governs left-right asymmetry in the mouse. Genes and Development, 16(18), 2339-44

Brennan, J., Lu, C.C., Norris, D.P., Rodriguez, T.A., Beddington, R.S.P. and Robertson, E.J. (2001) Nodal signalling in the epiblast patterns the early mouse embryo. Nature, 411, 965-969

Mitchell, K.J., Pinson, K.I., Kelly, O.G., Brennan, J., Zupicich, J., Scherz, P., Leighton, P.A., Goodrich, L.V., Lu, X., Avery, B.J., Tate, P., Dill, K., Pangilinan, E., Wakenight, P., Tessier-Lavigne, M & Skarnes, W.C. (2001) Functional analysis of secreted and transmembrane proteins critical to mouse development. Nature Genetics 28, 241-249

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