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Gaia Brezzo

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Dr Gaia Brezzo

Research Fellow - Horsburgh Lab

  • Chancellor's Building
  • 49 Little France Crescent
  • Edinburgh, EH16 4SB

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  • PhD Teaching Fellow - University of Sheffield.


Small vessel disease (SVD) is a leading cause of vascular cognitive impairment and dementia, leading to neurovascular unit (NVU) disruption. Central to NVU health is a complex meshwork of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, collectively termed ‘the matrisome’. We propose that disruptions to the ECM are a central mechanism leading to SVD. To investigate this, we utilise mouse models relevant to SVD (APP23, COL IV A1 mutants), to interrogate how cerebral amyloid antipathy and mutations in the collagen IV gene lead to matrisome perturbations and assess the impact of these alterations on wider ECM and NVU function. Our methodologies include a combination of in vivo imaging, cognitive assessments and ex vivo biochemical approaches.