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Robin Beaven

My research focuses on the understanding how renal tubules are patterned along their proximo-distal axis.

Dr Robin Beaven

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Hugh Robson Building
  • 15 George Square
  • Edinburgh, EH8 9XD

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Personal profile

  • 2016 - present - BBSRC Postdoctoral Research Associate, Denholm lab, CDBS, University of Edinburgh.
  • 2013-2016 - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Hiro Ohkura laboratory, University of Edinburgh.
  • 2008-2012 - PhD in Cell Biology, Andreas Prokop laboratory, University of Manchester.
  • 2005-2008 - BSc (Honours) Genetics, University of York.


I have used Drosophila to study the function of the microtubule cytoskeleton during nervous system development, and in the female meiotic spindle.

I am now turning my experience of using the powerful genetics and in vivo imaging provided by the fly, to understand how renal tubules are patterned along their proximo-distal axis. This is required for them to acquire a functionally segmented organisation.


Team members

Recent publications

Beaven, R., and Denholm, B. (2018) Release and spread of Wingless is required to pattern the proximo-distal axis of Drosophila renal tubules. eLife. 7, e35373.

Beaven, R., Bastos, R. N., Spanos, C., Rome, P., Cullen, C. F., Rappsilber, J., Giet, R., Goshima, G. and Ohkura, H. (2017) 14-3-3 regulation of Ncd reveals a new mechanism for targeting proteins to the spindle in oocytes. J Cell Biol. 216, 3029-3039. 

Beaven, R., Dzhindzhev, N., Qu, Y., Dajas-Bailador, F., Ohkura, H., and Prokop, A. Drosophila CLIP-190 and mammalian CLIP-170 display reduced microtubule plus end association in the nervous system. Mol Biol Cell. 26, 1491-1508. 2015.

Prokop, A., Beaven, R., Qu, Y., Sánchez-Soriano, N. Using fly genetics to dissect the cytoskeletal machinery of neurons during axonal growth and maintenance. (Review article). J Cell Sci. 126, 2331-41. 2013.

Alves-Silva, J., Sánchez-Soriano, N., Beaven, R., Klein, M., Parkin, J., Millard, T., Bellen, H., Venken, K.J.T., Ballestrem, C., Kammerer, R.A., and Prokop, A. Spectraplakins promote microtubule-mediated axonal growth by functioning as structural microtubule-associated proteins and EB1-dependent +TIPs (Tip Interacting Proteins). J Neurosci. 32, 9143-9158. 2012.