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Akanksha Jain

Akanksha Jain's biography and research focus.

Miss Akanksha Jain

PhD Student - Cousin Lab

  • Hugh Robson Building
  • George Square
  • EH8 9XD

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After obtaining my MSci degree in Cell biology from University College London, I started my PhD project in Prof Cousin’s lab based in the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences.


During intense neuronal activity, efficient endocytosis of synaptic vesicles is vital for sustaining neurotransmission. Under these conditions, activity-dependent bulk endocytosis (ADBE) becomes the dominant mode of synaptic vesicle trafficking. My project aims to discover the role of molecules specifically involved in this pathway, particularly focusing on small GTPase Rab23 that is unique to ADBE. This project will therefore significantly contribute to the physiological understanding of ADBE in health and disease.