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Visiting Students – Information for applicants

Information for Students wishing to visit a Research Lab within the Deanery Biomedical Sciences/Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

***Coronavirus Update*** Any new applications for Visiting Research Student projects must have a start date no earlier than September.  We will be making decisions in line with government advice and there is a chance we may have to delay start dates beyond September.  Exceptions can be made only where there is a realistic prospect that the student’s placement can begin online. If you have already have a confirmed offer to start a placement during the summer then please note that we currently expect this placement to begin in September 2020, but we cannot confirm a start date at this time.

We are making decisions in line with UK government advice, and there is a possibility that your start date may be delayed beyond September. We will keep you informed if that is the case. Meanwhile, we strongly advise you not to book travel or accommodation until we have been able to give you a confirmed start date.

For all queries, please contact: Mrs Anne Aitken (Anne.Aitken@ed.ac.uk) or Dr Martin Simmen (M.Simmen@ed.ac.uk)

If you would like to visit a research lab within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences or Infection Medicine), your first action should be to identify a potential supervisor and contact them. 

When you have an informal agreement with the Principal Investigator (PI) to visit, you must then complete the appropriate an application form below:



Please note: There are different forms for undergraduate and postgraduate visitors so please ensure you complete the correct form.

If you are coming as part of the ERASMUS scheme, you should complete the postgraduate form.  Please note that you are required to complete the form fully and provide all the documentation required otherwise your application will not be processed.  Further information on entry requirements, fees etc. can be found here.

Once the form and documentation is completed, please send this to the PI whose lab you hope to visit.  This begins the application process.  If all goes well and you have provided everything required, you will receive notification from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) in due course.  You cannot start your visit until that has been received and you should not arrive in the lab until you have an unconditional offer and a fixed start date.

When you have fully matriculated, you will receive log-in details and a student matriculation card which may be needed for access to the building you will be working in.

  • Fees are required for visits exceeding 12 weeks.  The cost for visits up to one year is £730. 
  • The source of funding  should be discussed with the PI before submission of an application. 
  • Visits are not allowed to exceed one year.

For more information on visiting CMVM to study, please click here

Or if you have any queries about the application process, please contact either Mrs Anne Aitken (Anne.Aitken@ed.ac.uk) or Dr Martin Simmen (M.Simmen@ed.ac.uk) by email. 

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