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Sir Henry Dale Fellowship to Dr Gülsen Sürmeli

Many congratulations to Dr Gülsen Sürmeli who has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowship.

Many congratulations to Dr Gülsen Sürmeli who has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowship which will provide her with £1.3M over 60 months for her research project ‘An investigation of distributed cortical neural circuit mechanisms for memory storage’. 


The focus of the project is to provide a cellular and mechanistic understanding to how long term memories are stored in the cortex. The early focus will be on delineating the pathways of communication between the hippocampal/entorhinal complex and the rest of the brain. A later focus will be on the activity of select cortical neurons to reveal how cortical information processing evolves over time as memories mature.   I am absolutely delighted to have been granted this award. It will allow me to apply cutting-edge methods to unravelling cellular level principles of one of the most intriguing cognitive functions of the mind, memory. I also look forward to continue to be part of the stimulating and collaborative Edinburgh Neuroscience community

Dr Gülsen Sürmeli Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences


We look forward to hearing about Gülsen research in the years to come and once again congratulate her on this wonderful news that builds upon her previous funding success as a recipient of a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship.


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