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Scientists are closer to curing deadly pulmonary arterial hypertension

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), have made a breakthrough which could lead to a new treatment.

Professor Mark Evans of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences research into curing deadly pulmonary arterial hypertension features in the Daily Express' "yourhealth" article of 24th April 2018.


By studying muscle cells from pulmonary arteries in mice and clones of human cells, the team, led by Prof. Evans have been able to show that they can use the existing treatments for PAH to regulate a new calcium channel called TPC2.


Although this research is in early stages it is always encouraging to see new targets emerge that could help develop treatments for conditions that blight the lives of thousands of people and their families

Dr Abigail WoodBritish Heart Foundation 

How these drugs work against the condition has been hotly debated but it is hoped that the breakthrough could speed up the road to new specific drugs for PAH.


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