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Dr Leah Herrgen Awarded BBSRC New Investigator Award

Grant Success for Dr Leah Herrgen

Congratulations to Dr Leah Herrgen and her team who have recently been awarded £518K.  This 3 year New Investigator Award from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) will fund their project: Elucidating the role of surviving neurons in morphological and functional recovery after brain injury in zebrafish.


In my lab we are trying to find out how an injured brain can repair itself. The BBSRC New Investigator Award will allow us to investigate an intriguing aspect of this problem: the role that injury-induced plasticity in neurons and neural circuits plays during the recovery of function after a brain injury. We are going to tackle this question using live imaging of young zebrafish, which, in contrast to humans, are very good at repairing their brains. The hope is that learning how zebrafish manage to mend their brains will help us to contribute towards the development of novel therapies for patients with brain injury. I am really excited about this project and am looking forward to work on it in the stimulating environment of Edinburgh University with its fantastic expertise in neuroscience and tissue repair.

Dr Leah Herrgen

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