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Dr Jill Fowler Awarded Alzheimer’s Research UK Funding Extension

Dr Jill Fowler - Funding Success

Dr Jill Fowler is currently funded by a 3 year senior research fellowship from Alzheimer’s Research UK. The new award is a 2 year extension  (£210K)  to the fellowship entitled ’ the therapeutic potential of boosting astrocytic Nrf2 signalling to protect the neurogliovascular unit following cerebral hypoperfusion’.


In the current fellowship, my lab has demonstrated that overexpressing a protective antioxidant pathway called Nrf2, specifically in astrocytes, protects neurons in mouse model of stroke.  The goal of the fellowship extension is to build on this work using multiphoton microscopy to image temporal changes to astrocytes in the acute and chronic response to stroke, and to use RNA sequencing to interrogate the molecular pathways altered in astrocytes after stroke. I am delighted to have been funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK and to work together with them on their goal of defeating dementia by researching vascular contributions to dementia, and to continue being part of the thriving dementia research community at Edinburgh Neuroscience.

Dr Jill Fowler


Congratulations to Jill and her team!

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