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Chris Henstridge awarded place on Scottish Crucible

Chris Henstridge talks about Scottish Crucible

Chris Henstridge has been awarded a place on the Scottish Crucible , an award-winning leadership and development programme.

Ever wondered what a biochemist and a mathematician might have in common, or how a  social scientist and a particle physicist could work together? Scottish Crucible is designed to help you find out just what great minds and creative thinkers can do when they come together!

Scottish Crucible is all about helping researchers to see the bigger picture. It aims to help researchers think differently and send participants back to their work inspired. The programme has been put together with the express goal of helping participants discover skills and attitudes likely to make your research more innovative. We want participants to return armed with a greater understanding of how science can benefit society and how thinking creatively can really make a difference to their work and their career.



"The Crucible runs over three labs and we have only attended the first one so far.

We spent last Thursday talking about how to interact with the media and spent time with leading Scottish journalists, including some from the BBC. On Friday we spent the day in parliament, hearing from policy makers how science can influence policy and how to interact with the parliamentary research teams. 33 participants were selected this year and I am the only neuroscientist taking part.

The first 2-day lab took me by surprise. It delivered so much more than I expected and has proved an amazing opportunity to network and form important contacts with the media and parliament. In fact, I have already exploited my new contacts to arrange external speakers for the G2PD Firbush event later in the year! I am really looking forward to seeing all the participants again in the next two labs and seeing what collaborative ideas come out of this fantastic opportunity.”

Dr Chris Henstridge

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