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2017 news

Archived news from the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences 2017

New insights into how motor neurons live and die in motor neuron disease

October 2017: The Gillingwater Lab have published new studies that provide insights into the molecules and chemical pathways involved in neuron degeneration.

TEDx talk given by Professor Richard Morris

September 2017: Forgetting is a part of memory | Richard Morris | TEDxMadrid

Jet lag drug may aid cancer patients

Carole Torsney - Pineal Research paper
September 2017: Painful side effects from cancer medicines could be tackled with a drug that eases the effects of jet lag, research around the group of Dr Carole Torsney suggests.

R Jean Banister Prize Lecture winner announced by the Physiological Society

The Physiological Society - logo
August 2017: Congratulation to Dr Nathalie Rochefort who has been awarded this year’s R Jean Banister Prize Lecture.

Brain study reveals clues to treating genetic autism condition

nerve cells
August 2017: Scientists around the group of Dr Emily Osterweil have discovered how the brain can self-correct disruptions in processing, pointing the way towards possible new treatments for autism and intellectual disability.

New insights in the regulation of the devloping forebrain

June 2017: Prof David Price and his team shed further lights into the molecular network during brain development.

Crucial steps towards Fragile X syndrome (FXS) treatment

June 2017: In a recent publication in Nature Medicine Dr Christos Gkogkas and his team present further insights of Metformin in a mouse model for FXS.

Hope for dementia treatment

Fluorescent cells
May 2017: In a recent study, Prof Giles Hardingham and colleagues uncovered mechanisms involved in the protection of nerve cells.

Therapeutic targets found to design treatment for SMA

fluorescent labelled cell
April 2017: Prof Tom Gillingwater and colleagues elucidate protection of motor neurons in the zebrafish model.

Success for CNR-CIP PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium 2017
April 2017: Excellent presentations by our 2nd year PhD students at the joint CNR-CIP Symposium.

New insights in motor neuron disease

Motor neuron
March 2017: Dr Lyndsay Murray and her team shed light on factors regulating motor neuron vulnerability.

Anatomy Science Saturday Event

Anatomy Science Saturday
Feb 2017: Great success for Edinburgh@Anatomy at National Museum of Scotland outreach event.

Patient families visit Theil and Jarman labs

PCD family visit
Feb 2017: Two Scottish families affected by the disease Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) spent a day visiting the laboratories of Prof. Andrew Jarman and Dr Thomas Theil.

Wellcome News

Jan 2017: Congratulations to Prof Mike Cousin, Dr Carole Torsney and Dr Nathalie Rochefort on their Wellcome Trust grant success.